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Terror Empire

1. The Empire Strikes…
2. …Black
3. The Servant
4. Skinned Alive
5. Revolution Now
6. The Route of the Damned
7. Man Made of Sand
8. Reality Check
9. Protective Wolves
10. Strings of Rebellion
11. Good Friends Make the Best Enemies
12. Break the Cycle

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Nordavind Records has always stated that they wouldn’t release any Thrash Metal record, but then again, Terror Empire’s “The Empire Strikes Black” isn’t ANY Thrash Metal record! Sure, it’s fast, heavy, groovy, it features blazing solos, double bass, blast beats and evil thrashy riffs… but it is a lot more than that! To put it simply, extreme metal can’t get much better than this!

Since their 2012 debut with the EP “Face The Terror”, Terror Empire have confirmed their status as a mind-fucking and malevolent force in the Thrash Metal scene. Now, two years after, they are back with their debut full-length entitled “The Empire Strikes Black”, an album that will maintain the band’s critical tone regarding what they consider to be wrong within the society.