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1. Dysphoria
2. Ash Alight
3. Fathoms
4. The Aurora Of Despair
5. Gazing At A Fallen Sky
6. Euphoria

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Formed in 2008 in Bergen (Norway), the music from Vinterbris is highly inspired by groups such as Primordial and Moonsorrow while retaining its own atmosphere and originality. After having released an EP and a self-titled full-length, the band is now back with Solace, a desolate and melancholic record with the backbone of true Norwegian black metal. With a lyrical concept centered around one man’s struggle with self-acceptance, existence and place in nature, the soundscapes of Solace are complete.

Press Quotes

This is a band of supremely talented musicians that write songs full of epic beauty and musical landscapes.

The Elitist Metalhead (10/10)

This is folk black metal at its core, but a far more understated strain that what that title may suggest—there are no trolls or accordions cluttering up these clean, dynamic compositions, only technical prowess and jaunty melodies.

Kim Kelly, Pitchfork

(On Solace) Nary a tick is wasted. One wouldn’t be surprised to find quadruple the material fell to their cutting room floor. If there’s an aspect Vinterbris abhor, it’s fat. So, the trimmings are ditched for only the killer.

Invisible Oranges

It goes without saying that if this release was under a Grande name of the Scandinavian Black Metal scene, it would have gained tons of attention and you wouldn’t need me or any other music journalist to tell you it’s worth your money.

Metal Kaoz (8/10)

What one finds here are tastes of folk elements filtered through a classic metal balance, with a powerfully sincere placement of the well-known chaotic pulse that is black metal.

The Sonic Sensory (4.5/5)

This latest release from Vinterbris, titled Solace, offers up plenty of those chilling, desolate, melancholic sounds from the frozen landscapes of Scandinavia.

Sea Of Tranquility (4/5)