French heavy psych coven Akasava sign with Nordavind Records


Nordavind Records is proud to announce the signing of the french heavy psych coven AKASAVA! The band’s debut full-length “Nothing At Dawn”, will be released later this year through the portuguese record label.

“We are really glad that Nordavind Records shown so much interest in us and are interested in releasing our debut album ‘Nothing At Dawn’.”, says Akasava’s frontman, Louis Hauguel. “Our dear worshippers can expect the same dark essence our EP was made of along with a lethal dose of heavy riffing and doomy landscapes. It is going to be exactly who we are: a meeting of lovecraftian madness, lost in dusty cold lands of solitude and melancholia, along with bursts of hope and rage coming staight from the abysses.”

In the meantime, you can listen to the song “The Deep” – which was taken from the band’s debut EP “Strange Aeons” – below:

Beautality premiere new video on No Clean Singing


UK post-metallers Beautality have published a video for the song ‘Einfallen’.

The video, which is being premiered on No Clean Singing, was directed, filmed, and edited by Dan Giannopoulos in his guise as Italian horror maestro Dario Pimento, and it includes excerpts from such horror films as The Satanic Rites of Dracula, Profundo Rosso, and Horror Express, along with appearances by Beautality’s mastermind David Ravengarde and Suzy Griffiths (aka Suzy Nola).

What you’ll find here is a 14-minute short film that, in the director’s words, is “a nightmarish and visceral vision of lust, insanity and redemption”, telling the “brutal story of a love that goes too far”, “a love that takes a man to the very pit of hell”.

No Clean Singing comments: “Einfallen is an amazing song, one of my favorites of 2015, and this new video is a great visual match for the song, capturing its dreamlike, hallucinatory qualities and drawing out elements of gothic horror that I realized were always lurking in the music only after watching the video. The pairing of the music and the visuals creates a thoroughly engrossing feast for the senses. I’m delighted that we’re able to bring it to you.”

Watch ‘Einfallen’ below:

Terror Empire premiere new video


Portugal’s thrash metallers Terror Empire have just issued a video of “The Route Of The Damned”, the track hailing from the band’s debut album, “The Empire Strikes Black”, out on February 2015 via Nordavind Records.

The video features clips from the band’s latest Portuguese tour, both in stage and on backstage.

Watch the video for “The Route Of The Damned” below:

Riti Occulti cover The Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby”


Italian group Riti Occulti showcase a new form of black metal – one that blends inextricably with doom and ritualistic music, and this five-piece from Rome is back with a new single!

Riti Occulti have partaken in time travel, not only to cover The Beatles’ classic, “Eleanor Rigby”, but also to add their Sabbath-esque touch, resulting in a very special doomy and exotic version of the song.

The single is now available for streaming on Spotify and you can watch the video below or at this location: