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    Rome, Italy
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    Doom Metal


Eleanor Rigby single
Nordavind Records (2015)

Riti Occulti reissue/remastered
Nordavind Records (2015)

Epidemie Records (2013)

Riti Occulti
Epidemie Records (2012)



Italian group Riti Occulti showcase a new form of black metal – one that blends inextricably with doom and ritualistic music. This is a new hybrid, a mythical beast, drawing its power from ancient spiritual rituals and using its new avatar to take the sound forward of genres as a whole. The music of Riti Occulti (Italian for “occult rituals”) is at once hypnotic and unsettling. Eerie female vocals done courtesy Elisabetta Marchetti conspire with rasps done by yet another female member Serena Mastracco (Vidharr) and eccentric occult sounds to create a strange, intriguing and suspenseful form of music that remains timeless. As though Riti Occulti have partaken in time travel, the sounds range from Sabbath-esque doom of the ’70s, to some of the ancient exotic sounds of the East, to the contemporary hazy black metal of Europe.


Eleanor Rigby
Official Video

Watch the video for Riti Occulti’s version of this classic from The Beatles.